Marine Nitrogen Generators


NOXERIOR has an experience of more than thirty years with the design and manufacturing of nitrogen generators based on air separation by either Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) or hollow-fibre membranes.

Having a profound knowledge of both processes, the hollow-fibre membrane technology has been considered the preferred solution for the NITROMEM® Marine Nitrogen Generators:

  • Continuous process compared to intermittent PSA process. No moving parts = increased reliability & system availability,
  • Reduced system footprint, no need for feed air dryer and feed air receiver. Smaller dimensions of the membrane nitrogen generator,
  • Higher nitrogen discharge pressures up to 12 bar(g) without need for nitrogen booster,
  • Stable nitrogen production capacity up to 430 Nm3/h compared to falling production capacities of PSA generators at increasing feed air temperatures (more than 20% loss of capacity from 20 to 35 °C in comparison to equivalent membrane systems), and
  • Lower nitrogen dew point equal or better -70 °C / -94 F.

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Nitrogen Generation for LNG or Dual Fuel Propulsion

The NITROMEM® Marine Nitrogen Membrane Generators are a reliable shipboard nitrogen supply source to prevent flammable mixtures from occurring.

Nitromem Marine Generator


Certified for Marine Application.
All NITROMEM® Marine Nitrogen Membrane Generators have a TAC (Type Approval Certificate) released by LR to confirm their suitability for installation in ships machinery spaces in accordance with the requirements of the Rules of the Classification Society, IMO, FSS code and SOLAS. Moreover, the NITROMEM® Marine Nitrogen Membrane Generators are also certified to be compliant with the essential Marine-pollution prevention requirements of the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 96/98/EC and related successive Commission Directives.

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Nitrogen Generation on Oil & Chemical Tankers and Gas Carriers.

The NITROMEM® Marine Nitrogen Membrane Generators from NOXERIOR meet all requirements for inert gas systems as specified in Chapter 15 of the amended FSS code (IMO – MSC 93/22/Add.1 – Annex 3) conform IMO resolution MSC.367(93).

Complete Package

The unique design features of the NITROMEM® Marine Nitrogen Membrane Generators result in the most compact shipboard nitrogen generation units on the market. All NITROMEM® Marine Nitrogen Membrane Generators can be supplied as complete systems, including (duplex) air compressors, nitrogen storage tank and nitrogen pressure regulation.

Generators for Ship Nitrogen

Intuitive Touch Panel

Latest technology with traditional instrumentation for easy operation.

Easy Maintenance

Accessible from all sides, designed for narrow spaces.

Safety First

Description and warnings for all tie-in points in four languages.

Marine Generators Nitromem

NITROMEM® vs. Competition.

  • Nitrogen discharge pressure up to 12 bar(g),
  • Nitrogen dew point of -70 °C / -94 F or better
  • Compact: 30 to 40% less installed volume, 27 to 35% smaller footprint
  • No nitrogen back-purging for dew point preservation
  • Fastest reaction time: on-stream within 3 seconds from start-signal
  • Extended feed air conditioning, including activated carbon tower
  • All communication available for easy integration with IAS
  • Remote monitoring and control through smart phone and tablet

NOXERIOR – Competence and Trust

NOXERIOR focuses on all aspects of the production of dry compressed air and its non-cryogenic separation for on-site generation of nitrogen and oxygen; we help our customers to reduce their costs by offering a customized solution based on either Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) or hollow-fibre membrane technology.

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